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RESPIRE - Dénouement 12" LP

Respire, from Toronto, Canada, follow up Gravity and Grace with their second album Dénouement. Released in 2016, their debut gave a glimpse at the band’s creativity and diversity, their DIY orchestra shape-shifting through a range of genres. There’s no easy way to describe them, nor does there need to be; they’re purely a group of musicians pouring every last drop of emotion into their intense, direct music.

With a 6-piece core, but stretching to a family of 15 for this pulsating 8-song collection, Respire wrestle with addiction, guilt and trauma. Tackled with a tuned scope, their candid music serves as a conduit for healing, fellowship & salvation. Superbly weighted and well-paced, each track is a chapter in an arduous, but ultimately redeeming story.

This is the vinyl's second pressing edition.