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Born from the ashes of seminal Midwest emo bands Merchant Ships and Midwest Pen Pals, William Bonney is an angry, earnest expression of youth—a time capsule of love and loss colored by an all-consuming sense of heart. Despite their brief and volatile tenure as an active band, the songs of William Bonney persist and continue to find their way into the ears of listeners new and old, wide and far.

All Ten brings together the entirety of the band’s discography: the Good Vibes EP, their side of the split 7” with Chicago’s Droughts, and the one-off single “Dope Castle.” Fully remixed and mastered by original engineer, producer, and drummer Mike Kenway, and including a new interpretation of the infamous paper bag head by illustrator Em Randall, All Ten is the final and ultimate celebration of William Bonney’s lasting impact.